After Sale

1.How do I place an order?
a. Place an order on the website
b. Provide the required product link or watch the picture. We will calculate the price and provide you with Western Union account details for your transfer. By email: [email protected]
Reminder: After payment, please provide your delivery address and MTCN number so that we can process your order as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.
2. What is your return policy?
 After receiving the goods, within 30 days, you can contact customer service to request a refund if you are not satisfied. (Provided that you have never used it)
Refund process: Contact customer service and obtain the return address.
After receiving the goods and checking, if the watch is brand new and has never been worn, we will arrange a refund immediately, and it will take 8-20 days to return the money to you.
3. Is your website safe?
After ordering, we will provide you with a tracking number to always track the package, so don't worry. Also, all personal information you use on our website is confidential.
4. Why did my order fail?
a. Sometimes, due to higher risk, overseas transactions, banks will block transactions. Please contact our customer service.
b. Your card is unauthorized. Please contact our customer service for help.
c. If the total order amount exceeds USD 1,000, it will be restricted by the bank. It is recommended to contact customer service and use Western Union or Bitcoin to pay preferential treatment.
5. How do I know that my order will be executed?
 After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email. We will let you know the status of your order. Therefore, please mention your email.
6. What should I do if I give the wrong order?
a. If you enter the wrong address, you can contact our customer service to modify it.
b. If you choose the wrong watch or the wrong size, you can also contact our customer service.
Reminder: Please contact our customer service center ([email protected]) within 3 days after ordering. If the goods have been shipped out, you must bear the responsibility yourself.
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