1. What is the quality of the watches on the
We have the world's top imitation watches.
2. What is the difference between Swiss and ordinary Rolex watches?
The difference between Swiss and ordinary grade watches lies in stainless steel used and the manufacturing process and machinery. The ordinary grade watchband is 316L steel, while the Swiss grade watchband is more resistant to rust and corrosion, but at the same time, it is more costly and complex to produce. Our watches are manufactured with clone machinery that matches Swiss technology and standards, so you can expect higher accuracy and finish.
3. Can you send me more pictures of the watch model you need?
Of course, you can send the link or full name of the product to customer service ([email protected]) to ask for more pictures.
4. Does the purchased watch come with the original box?
To avoid costly transportation, the watch is shipped without a branded box. If you want to add a box to the order, you can choose to buy it on the product page.
5. Is your watch waterproof?
All our watches are waterproof, life waterproof. Of course, we do not recommend that you take it to the shower room or swimming pool. Taking the watch underwater will revoke its guarantee.
If you need a diving function, you can contact our customer service center ([email protected]); you can add a diving function to the watch for only 30 dollars. And the diving depth will be about 10 meters.
6. What is the price of each watch?
For example, 138,00 means 138.00 $.
7. Do you have a coupon?
We provide coupons for new customers. Of course, there are discounts for large purchases. If you buy more than 3 watches, we will provide the best price.
You can contact our customer service ([email protected]) for details.
8. What is the material of the watch glass?
The glass of the watch is tempered glass. If you need scratch-resistant sapphire glass, please contact our customer service ([email protected]) for help.
9. Is the timer functioning properly?
The chronograph can work for Swiss automatic watches and quartz watches; if it is an automatic watch with a normal movement, the timer does not work. You can contact our customer service ([email protected]) for details.
10. Do you accept customization?
Yes, if you have any special needs, we can provide special customization. Please contact our customer service ([email protected]). We will try our best to satisfy you.
11. What should I do if my wrist is big?
If you have a big wrist and can’t find the corresponding size strap, you can contact our customer service ([email protected]) to add a strap to your order or find it website "Accessories."
12. Why did my watch not move when I received it?
Sometimes automatic watches need to be wound manually; you can contact our customer service ([email protected]) for instructional videos.
13. How to set the time and date?
You can contact our customer service ([email protected] to set up the video.


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